Free/inexpensive SQL backup tool, with built in Amazon S3

I was browsing recently for a simple tool that would schedule full and differential backups for a dev sql server standard running on AWS, which I think it’s important to note, even the Standard Small (m1.small) will still set you back $0.629/hr.  This I may fork over the money for a reserved instance since I anticipate using it for at least a year.

In any case, I was originally going to send these to Google Drive, for no particular reason other than familiarity and an overall lack of importance/reason (other than economics) to keep this in-house.

I came across SQLBackupAndFTP ( and noticed the support for Dropbox and Google Drive so I decided to give it whirl.  Unbeknownst to me, this app also has support for AWS S3 Buckets.  I think it’s important to also mention, the free version only supports FTP, Dropbox, or network folders, the lite version adds support for Google Drive, and the Standard has S3 support.


For the past two weeks this has worked flawlessly, I have not tried the built in restore functions but I have a sneaking suspicion at some point in the future I will need to restore this DB.


There is also support for Dropbox, Google drive, FTP, and network drives.


I opted to purchase the professional version although the standard version for $10 less also supports S3 buckets.

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