Some of the projects I work on might be of interest to you, I’ve decided to share some of them here, let me know if you have any questions!

Current Projects

Bapsule is my first attempt at developing a mobile app.  So far, so good, I underestimated the effort but what I am learning along the way well makes up for it.  My idea has evolved a lot since I started and I think it will change more so I’m hesitant to put anything in writing but suffice to say, I still believe in the idea.


Past Projects

Epic EHR Automation

As of late I have been spending a significant amount of time working on automating processes within the Epic EHR.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started down this road, or how I would accomplish it but now that I’ve seen the results/value of automating things like provisioning, maintenance tasks, terminations, and audits  I am a believer.  Much of the Epic automation I work on happens outside of any centralized IAM tools and subsequently is an extremely flexible/adaptable combination of SQL/SSIS/C# and a batch file every now and then.

My personal OpenStack

I started off with an all-in-one deployment, using a single server via devstack

Server Hardware: TBD
OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

I now run a multi-node OpenStack cluster using eight quad core Xeon 2.26ghz processors, 96GB ram, and a total of 36TB NL-SAS storage, a detailed write-up of the lab/performance is in the works.

Power a digital signage display utilizing Raspberry Pi

Testing the abilities of Raspberry Pi to power a non-interactive digital signage display, running securely 24/7 with scheduled content updates and remote access, without the use of an existing 3rd party digital signage application, and without overheating Pi.

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