The latest patient check in kiosk deployment

Last week we installed our latest patient self check-in kiosks, it was a local install in Madison, which is always nice.  What made this one a hit was the dedicated and very well advertised self service area.  Also noteworthy is the section on the right “check-in assistance” which has provisions for a staff member in close proximity to the kiosks, useful when the staffed check-in area is out of site.  Prior to the installation I was able to observe usage at the kiosks, we were replacing two of our first kiosks with 3 of our latest models,  I noticed very little downtime at the existing kiosks which was likely a contributing factor to them adding a third at this location.

Not shown in the picture below is the location of the kiosks in proximity to the entrance, my point of view for this picture was immediately after walking into the clinic, this is the first thing you see. The signage between each kiosk clearly indicates who can (and cannot) use the kiosk, this is a great idea and helps clear up any confusion for patients.  While onsite finishing the install on the last kiosk we were able to observe the first patient check-in (after we stopped re-directing them to the registration counter).  This patient was checked in for their appointment in under a minute, with a child and bag in tow.  I commented to them how impressed I was with the speed of their check-in and was told in response that it was their 3rd time checking in in two weeks and that they had it down.  For the record, we usually expect 2.0 – 2.5 minutes, hence the reasons it caught my attention.


Dedicated Patient Check-in


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